I consider it a blessing to be back at the place where I started my career. In fact, Lafayette College is the first campus that I visited when I lived in Easton as a child. I am particularly excited to work with student and alumni affinity groups including the McDonogh Network. The Homecoming tailgate in October was a perfect opportunity for me to reconnect with many former students that I worked with years ago and to meet other alumni for the first time. I look forward to additional opportunities to meet more alumni in the near future.

Our goal is to create a variety of moments for current students and alumni to meet and develop relationships. Our alumni network is strong, and I believe that the experiences and stories shared with our current students can play a pivotal role in preparing them for the realities that await after graduation. I think our alumni are proud of the activism, leadership, and the intellectual curiosity of our students. In many ways, members of the McDonogh Network blazed a path for our current students and can provide another level of guidance and mentorship to take our students’ preparation and leadership skills to a higher level.

I thank you in advance for your partnership and look forward to seeing you soon!

Chris Hunt
Dean of Equity and Inclusion

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