President Nicole Farmer Hurd joined a virtual Zoom call with members of the McDonogh Network during Rivalry Week for an informal meet and greet. Hosted by McDonogh Network co-chairs, Ryan Benjamin ’10 and Sade’ Evans ’17, the conversation included a presentation on the mission and goals of the network followed by a question and answer session with President Hurd. In case you missed the virtual event, below is a recap of the presentation and question and answer session.

Introduction from Sadé Evans ’17, McDonogh Network Co-Chair
“While I was a student, I was involved with McDonogh and had been disappointed to see that not as many alumni were involved currently. In taking on this role, it has been my hope to revamp the Network, engage more alumni, and solidify this network for alumni and students. The partnership with the Network and Lafayette requires that the whole community take ownership in amplifying Black voices on campus. I, personally, want to create more positive experiences for students while acknowledging the ways that Lafayette prepared me for my career and the importance of the mentors I met through the McDonogh Network. It is my hope that students have the same positive experience that I had through McDonogh.
There is lots of work to be done and Lafayette’s Diversity and Inclusion work requires creating space on campus for discussion. These spaces will allow more Black alumni opportunities to mentor students and to ensure that stories from Black alumni are shared on platforms across the College. Today’s McDonogh Network will work with Lafayette and strive to allow more Black alumni to be present and feel heard. While past priorities have focused heavily around fundraising, we are shifting to lead with engagement. The new McDonogh Liaison is Janine Casey, who works in the Alumni Engagement office, to reflect this shift. The attached presentation takes a look at what we are already working on and opportunities to get involved with the McDonogh Network.”
View the slides from the presentation. 

Specific topics in the video below:

  • Welcome and Introduction- Ryan Benjamin ’10 – 00:-1:29
  • Mission and Goals – Sade Evans ’17 – 1:30-15:16
  • President Hurd’s Introduction – 15:17-21:28
  • Vision for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion – 21:29-26:20
  • Increasing Efforts to Support Students of Color – 26:21-34:13
  • Budget Planning to Support DEI Work- 34:14-40:50
  • Creating an Infrastructure of Opportunity – 40:51-46:57
  • Authentic Allyship – 46:58-52:30
  • Supporting Mental Health and Wellness – 52:31-1:05:02