Shani Bellegarde


Dear Lafayette Scholars,

The fall semester is in full swing at Lafayette! During this time, we have many opportunities to engage in activities that allow us to create or reconnect with faculty, students, and alumni. The McDonogh Network is here to serve as your support system and home base during your tenure on campus and beyond. For those first-year students who are experiencing their first fall at Lafayette, I extend the warmest of welcomes on behalf of the McDonogh Network.

We encourage you to take advantage of this fresh start, as this is the time to be your most fearless, bold, risk-taking, and open selves. You are leaders and catalysts for change within the campus and local community. You

 possess the ability to create and live the collegiate experience you envision for yourselves. We are all looking forward to learning from each of you. 

Be sure to follow our Facebook page and sign up for our mailing list by contacting Robert Young ’14 at 610-330-3081 or to be kept up to date on upcoming events and other endeavors. 

We wish you all a successful academic year and experience! Be sure to check in with yourself (and others) and implement self care. A better YOU is a better student. Be well!

Best Wishes, 

Shani Bellegarde ’08 and Ryan Benjamin ’10                                                                              Co-chairs of the McDonogh Network